O’Fallon - "Tradition With Vision"Hillside Manor
A family owned and operated community

Easygoing, quiet, affordable, residential subdivision in a great locationSerene, comfortable living
in Hillside Manor's welcoming neighborhood

Well maintained and professionally managedFour Star Community
and one of the best-located in Missouri

Established in 1971Families of all sizes are welcome in our premier community

At Hillside Manor you'll find a warm, inviting community for all ages. We are a family owned and operated community made up of single and married households, growing families and mature adults enjoying their golden years. Located in O'Fallon, Missouri our community is developed over 42 acres of beautiful grounds inside a safe, friendly neighborhood. Hillside Manor's convenient location, high quality homes, and well maintained grounds provide a great lifestyle at an affordable price. Our family takes pride in maintaining a community where our residents take pride in home ownership.

Home is more than where you live

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Limited availability, our homes sell quickly

If you’re ready to settle down, raise a family or just have a nice place you can call home, nothing beats owning your home. Owning a home provides a sense of stability and pride of ownership. At Hillside Manor, we have a home for every homebuyer at the right price!

Our homes sell quickly! Please call community manager to discuss future opportunities and to get on our waiting list.

Family oriented and senior friendly

Experience a unique sense of community and stability, where residents stay and second generations return.

Community features

Low Monthly Site Fee that includes professional on-site management and weekly
garbage pickup
Large, Spacious Lots
Well Lighted, Wide Community Streets
Private Backyards
Off Street Parking For Two Cars Next To Your Home
A 10 x 10 Storage Shed Pad Provided With Most Sites For Added Storage

Great location

The Village of O’Fallon provides easy access to major expressways and public transportation, high quality public and private schools within top-rated school districts, multiple dining, shopping and entertainment options.
Hillside Manor Manufactured Home Community of O’Fallon


Hillside Manor is located within the City of O’Fallon, named as one of the “Best 100 Places to Live” by Money Magazine. Located in St. Charles County in east-central Missouri we are just 3.5 miles from the O’Fallon City Center and 30 miles from the greater Metro St. Louis area. O’Fallon’s rich history of trade and industry and its solid foundation for continued growth and prosperity makes it one of the area’s most popular communities in which to live and work! O’Fallon has received numerous distinctions naming it one of the top 100 communities, and the 2nd safest metropolitan area to live nationwide. O’Fallon also enjoys a high-quality of life and its residents enjoy top-notch schools, healthcare and libraries.